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15 August 2017

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Welcome along to this the first of a new blog, possibly regular, depending on feedback, on the club website detailing ,the ups and downs, the travels, the fun and the characters who we come across in delivering Shrimps iFollow commentary during the season.

Firstly, a little bit about us.

We are the team that's puts together the iFollow web content and commentary on matchdays.

Matt is Media Manager at the club, he is very anal about his job, technically excellent but does have a propensity to slip into a dodgy German accent now and again. He has put date posh cameras, video equipment and technical gizmos aplenty. It’s Matt who edits, produces and directs the videos you see, we merely shuffle around nervously.

The rest of us volunteer, myself, fellow commentator Stevie Downs, summariser Mark S who has a matchday job as announcer ( that voice ), the young gun Dom who was studying how to do it properly as a sports journo at Uni but saw us do it, realised he had no hope and quit the course immediately. Alongside us, guiding, cajoling and laughing at us is Quinny, club press officer, Radio Lancs superstar, programme editor and occasional IFollow voice.

During the week another occasional contributor to IFollow is the Bay Radio's Glen Cooper, part journalist, part cabaret act, his Brian Ferry impression needs to be heard then instantly forgotten! The Bay have no interest in football midweek so we draft him in when we are feeling lonely.

During the season we travel to away games together collectively as the "Rose tinted" travel club, so named as we tend to see life as a glass half full, apart from Downsy who has recently been transforming himself into Old Man Steptoe (ask yer dad!) at regular intervals.

Anyway on with the show, It seems to have been a long old summer yet so much has changed with progress being made all the time both on and off the field. We have been in during pre season just tarting up the media balcony and generally pottering around and were amazed at just how busy the place is mid week with no football on.

The loyal staff who ensure the day to day running of the club is stress free do a superb job, each of them able to turn their hand to many different tasks with ease and seeing this group of people in action is an eye opener.

I'm talking about Gill on reception, the first contact for most arriving at the Globe, always a smile and a professional greeting, personable and full of fun, yet cares about her job and its shines through.

In the main office Toby is ably assisted by Jodie both whom again can turn their hand to a myriad of jobs and solve any problems thrown at them at any time of day. Unshakeable confidence and supreme professionalism are on show, yet they remain positive and friendly despite all that's thrown at them.

Mike manages the team and oversees the functions and has many duties and as many creative ideas for the future, he keeps Steve the barman on his toes. Alongside there is Graham in the office and shop, Barry and Sue in finance and Mick the Club secretary are all busy whizzing around ensuring the million little awkward jobs that need doing to keep a football league club running are done.

In a couple of days before the first game, we witnessed four coach loads of foreign students touring the facilities and enjoying lunch in the Local Choice suite, a seminar for engineers from the Power Station all day taking place, a full day training for all Sky engineers from all over the North West and interviews for match day staff taking place in JBs bar, all seemingly effortlessly organised.

I haven't mentioned the Academy lads, Drummy, Wainy and new old boy John McMahon all buzzing around, and don't forget the gaffer and all the playing side of it.

These are the staff, alongside all the players, whom last seasons troubles affected on an everyday level, yet to see them at work it hasn't dampened their spirit at all. They are all a credit to themselves and the club.

John Schofield contributes to the admin side both assisting Mick on matchdays and the Academy with their reams of paperwork, he's a mine of useless, or is it useful, Information!!

There are many that remember not that long ago the only full time member of staff, including the players, would be Peter Howard the commercial manager. But these days it takes a small and dedicated army to keep us running smoothly, so if you bump into any of these people on matchdays, remember that they are around all week, oiling the wheels of Morecambe FC and making it all run as smoothly as possible.

We will be detailing our fun trips to both Barnsley and Lincoln in the next blog, and there are stories to tell. So tune in for another instalment next time,

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