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20 March 2019

First team players Adam Campbell, Aaron Wildig and Sam Lavelle visited St Bernadette's for the reception classes Primary Stars session with Community Sports' coach Jeremy.

As part of the EFL Day of Action, Morecambe Community Sports had first team players Adam Campbell, Aaron Wildig and Sam Lavelle attend to join in with the reception classes Primary Stars Session.

The reception class at St Bernadette's had been building up on their fundamental skills of throwing, catching, dodging and team work. Working towards playing their first game of dodgeball with the first team players.

Schools Co-ordinator at Morecambe Community Sports, Jeremy Austin commented: "It is great to see the players getting involved in our school sessions, they get a good insight to the work that we do in the local community and it also gives the children a sporting role model to look up to".

The first team players where more than happy to get involved in the session, defender Sam Lavelle said "I was really impressed with the ability that the class showed during their dodgeball session, considering that they were only in reception I thought that their throwing and catching skills where very impressive".

Overall the children and the teacher really enjoyed meeting the players, their dodging and catching skills where great during the session and it showcases the progress that they have made under Jeremy's coaching.

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